TAURUS BLUE MOON Ritual Kit : Awakened



A RARE Full Blue Moon takes to the skies on October 31st, 2020 in the sign of Taurus, initiating a gateway to release + rescind any repetitive blocks, patterns or karmic cycles in the realms of love, money + foundation.

A blue moon is the second full moon in one month, and with this particular one falling All Hallow’s eve, it is particularly illuminating, amplifying + stirring when the veils between us + the unseen realms are by far the thinnest.

Venus ruled Taurus governs our 2nd house, gathering in to its fixed earth realm our money, income, home + foundation. With a full moon in Taurus, we are given extra amplification to release + rescind. Typically this is where we make space for the things we want to call in.

This particular full moon is illuminated by Scorpio with a Uranus influence, asking us to initiate a new way of being, doing, understanding or pivoting in ways we dance with old cycles, wounds, shadows or experiences that keep us from fully stepping into our power + path of full blow success.

If you are ready for this work + to create potent space to seed a new way of being ↠ then this ritual kit is for YOU.


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